Vintage Swedish Interior by Experienced Home Designer

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Those of you who love vintage-inspired interior house design will love this house we found on Swedish website Skona Hem. It was created by local interior designer Johanna Gashi for her family, which consists of husband Lulzim and her children. The couple purchased the home several years back and discovered it was in dire need of a remodel. The spouses put their talents together and their endurance as a couple to the test, and created this gem of a home. Since Johanna is an interior designer and her husband a skilled carpenter, it was a labor of love for the two to create a functional, elegant space, dominated by the color white, but accented with lots of colors, metal details and an overall weathered look.

This interior house design also happens to feature a clever floor plan, with the living room, dining room kitchen and a hallway downstairs. The spaces merge, combine and communicate with one another, thus creating a light and airy atmosphere which doesn’t lack natural lighting, nor does it require extra ventilation. Johanna is the mother of no less than three little boys, which prompted her to be a work-at-home professional. To ensure her availability to cater to their needs at all times, the couple had a partition wall put in between the dining room and her office/work space. The truly impressive thing about the home, however, comes from its décor, entirely purchased at flea markets, yard sales and antique shops. Johanna drew inspiration from magazines and blogs, shopped around in her hometown, sampled the antique markets in Copenhagen and Geneva and came up with an entirely unique design, in which time plays a central esthetic function. The entire home is a meditation on the loving, personalizing effect time has on the items we use on a day-to-day basis.


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