Not a Bird, Not a Plane, a Genuine Floating Phantom Table

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Phantom Table Graft Architects 01

If you’re looking for innovative, yet high-class solutions to amp up your interior house design, take a pointer from German architecture practice Graft Architects. The item was inspired by the unique shapes produced by Italian sculptor, painter and Futurism theorist Umberto Boccioni. Contributing to the design, and adding a more contemporary layer of inspiration – the iconic images of Marilyn Monroe trying to hold down her infamous white cocktail dress. The Phantom Table is actually a floating table cloth, that seems nigh on the verge of floating up into thin air. Also, it makes one wonder if there’s a magician hiding underneath the table, the reason behind its striking shape.

Phantom Table Graft Architects 02

Phantom Table Graft Architects 03

Phantom Table Graft Architects 04

As illustrated by the images, however, the immaculate item is not as frail as it might have you believe at a passing first glance. It’s sturdy, durable and so well designed that it can actually hold down the weight of a full-grown man. In terms of interior house design, our suggestion is to pair the item with post-modern reinterpretations of lavish classical items – candle sticks, chandeliers and porcelain. While positioning itself more as an object of art than an affordable furniture item, the Phantom Table is surely an amazing source of inspiration for those looking to redecorate their home in true contemporary fashion.

Phantom Table Graft Architects 05

Phantom Table Graft Architects 06

Phantom Table Graft Architects 07


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